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 Spiritualism...Whai is ?                                              

This section is all about spiritualism and divine centered living. Spiritualism is based upon Three main tenets or basic beliefs.

1. The Inner spirit is only reality.

2. The Inner self which we also call as the higher self is distinct and different from the outer self or the lower self, also known as the physical self. and

3. Through a process of detachment and spiritual discipline, it is possible for us to detach ourselves from the outer self and discover the inner self that is hidden in all of us.

Spiritualism is Religion plus.

It is above Religion and can be a good cure for the petty and narrow minded thinking that often people cultivate because of their excessive attachement to Religion.

Religion seperates man from man and divides peoples in Groups, Wheres as Spiritualism way beyond Dogmatism, Fundamentalism and Obscurantism which are responsible for many problems among Nations and Peoples.

The need of the hour is Spiritualism and this section will help you know more about this Subject.





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