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All activities in the limitless expantion of the Universe are said to have generated from grand eternal Yajna (Yagna).

Atharwa Veda (9.15.14) describe Yagya as the fundamental process of manifistation of Nature.

In physical terms, Yagya (homam, havan or agnihotra is a process of herbal sacrificies in holy fire aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of sacrificed matter with the help of the thermal energy of fire and sound energy of mantras. Modern scientific research has also shown significant therapeutic applications of Yagya and also affirmed its potential in purification of environment.

Literally speaking, Yagya means, selfless sacrifice for noble purposes. Sacrificing ego, selfishness and material arrangements and adopting rational thinking, humane compassion and dedicated creativity for the welfare of all- is indeed the best Yagya which should be performed by all human beings. The philosophy of Yagya teaches a way of living in the society in harmony, a living style of promote and protect higher humane values in the society-which is indeed the basic of the ideal human culture. 


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