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  1. Dependability and LV Switchboard
  2. Dependability and HV and LV Protection devices
  3. Design and Use of MV Current Limiting Fuses
  4. Development of LV Circuit Breakers to Standard IEC 947-2
  5. Directional Protection Equipment
  6. Discrimination with LV Power Circuit Breakers
  7. Disturbances in Electronic System and Earthing Systems
  8. Dynamic Stability of Industrial Electrical Networks
  9. Earthquakes and Electrical Equipment
  10. Electric Motor-How to improve their control and protection
  11. Electrical Disturbance in LV
  12. Electrical Installation Dependability Study
  13. Electrodynamic forces on Busbar in LV Systems
  14. Electronic Starters and Variable Speed Drives
  15. EMC-Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  16. Enclosures and Degree of Protection
  17. Energy Saving in Building
  18. Energy Based Discrimination for Low Voltage Protective Devices
  19. Extra Losses caused in High Current conductors by Skin and Proximity Effects
  20. Fault Arcs on Busbar set and Switchboards
  21. FerroResonance
  22. From Current Transformer to Hybrid Sensors in HV
  23. Fuzzy Logic
  24. Harmonic Disturbance in Networks and Their Treatment
  25. Harmonic Upstream of Rectifiers in UPS
  26. High Availability Electrical Power Distribution
  27. HV Industrial Network Design
  28. Integration of Local Power Generation in Industrial Sites and Commercial Buildings
  29. Intelligent LV Switchboards
  30. Introduction to Dependability Design
  31. Inverters and Harmonics (Case Studies of Non-Linnear Loads)
  32. Lightning and HV Electrical Installation
  33. LV Breaking by Current Limitation
  34. LV Circuit Breakers
  35. LV Circuit Breakers confronted with Harmonics, Transient and Cyclic
  36. LV Protection Devices and Variable Speed Drives (Frequency Converters)
  37. LV Surges and Surge Arresters-LV Insulation Co-ordination
  38. MV Public Distribution Networks throughout the world
  39. Neutral Earthing in Industrial HV Network
  40. Overvoltages and Insulation coordination in MV and HV
  41. Power Quality
  42. Power Supply of Lighting Circuits
  43. Protection of Electrical Distribution Network by Logic Selectivity System
  44. Protection of Industrial and Tertiary MV Networks
  45. Protection of MV LV substation Transformers
  46. Residual Current Devices in LV
  47. SF6-properties and Use in MV and HV Switchgear
  48. System Earthing in LV
  49. System Earthings Worldwide and Evolutions
  50. The Behaviour of SF6 puffer Circuit Breakers under exceptionally sever conditions
  51. The IT System Earthing (Unearthed Neutral) in LV
  52. The Singularities of Third Harmonics
  53. Thermal Study of LV Electric Switchboards
  54. Uninterupted Static Power Suppy and the Protection of persons
  55. Vaccum Switching



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