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 Power substation related books

  1. Answering Substation Automation Questions through Fault Tree Analysis
  2. Applying an Ethernet LAN in a Substation
  3. Power Plant Accoustic
  4. Power Transformer Maintenance and Acceptance Testing
  5. Selecting Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers
  6. MV, LV Transformer substation-Theory and Examples of Short-Circuit Calculations.
  7. Electric Power Susbstation Engineering
  8. Implementation of IEC 61850 in a Substation Environment
  9. Design Guide for Rural Substation
  10. Power Plant Accostic
  11. Guide to form seperation in Low voltage Switchgear and controlgear
  12. Updated
  13. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Procedure
  14. Best Practice Manual for Transformers
  15. Schneider Electric-Low Voltage Switchboard Inspection Guide
  16. Difference between Switchgear and Switchboard
  17. Protection of Electrical Networks
  18. Technical Guidelines for interconnection of Generators with Distribution system
  19. Power Trnasformer-Testing Procedures
  20. Electric Power Applications, Engine and Generator Sizing
  21. Megger-Fault finding Solution
  22. Electric Distribution-Load Characteristics
  23. Power Plant Practices to ensure Cable operability
  24. XLPE underground Cable Systems
  25. Guidelines for Substation Service, Inspection and Condition Monitoring

  1. Using a Latched Contactor to switch Transformers
  2. Instuction for Installtion, Operaton and Maintenance of Medium Power Substation Transformers
  3. UPS-Uninterupted Power Supply Types
  4. High Voltage Techniques Course
  5. Real time Monitoring and Assessment of CB Operation for Diagnostic anc Control Applications
  6. Capacitor Application Issues
  7. Medium Voltage Switching Devices-Selection for Application and purpose
  8. Preventive Maintenance and Reliability of LV Overcurrent Protection Devices
  9. ABB-SF6 and Vaccum- MV Circuit Breaker
  10. Why Arc Detection is important?
  11. DC Transmission and Distribution
  12. Underground Power Transmission Lines
  13. Test Guide for Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer
  14. Low Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear-Allen Bradley
  15. Transformer Differential Protection Scheme with Internal Faults Detection Algorithm



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