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  • Satrakshita Osho Site
    Shares Osho Discourses, some early books on Osho. One of the Best site who has compiled extensive information on Osho Books, Links and movement
  • Osho Teachings
    Website shares Osho discourses, Quotes, Meditation discourses.
  • Osho Quotes
    Selected Osho Quotes on a given topic
  • Osho Rajneesh
    Official website of Osho enlightened disciple 'Swami Rajneesh' sharing free books, videos and information about Swami Rajneesh camps.
  • Osho Hindi Discourses
    Free download of Osho Hindi Discourses
  • Osho Speak Weblog
    Weblog of Keyur on Osho Teachings. One of the earliest and most popular weblog on Beloved Master Osho.
  • Osho Photos
    One of the Best website to see Osho Photos from different time in a slide show.
  • Osho Teachings Blog
    Weblog sharing Osho Discourses, Jokes, Quotes and Stories
  • Sannyas World
    Site Shares News and Articles on Activities and Happening in Osho World
  • Osho Viha
    Site Sells Osho Books, DVD, Audio Discourses and rare books too
  • Osho Here and Now
    This is a Sister Site of OshoViha (For Online Shopping)
  • Osho Canada Blog
    A Juicy bilingual virtual space for Osho's friends and lovers in Canada and the world
  • Osho in UK
    Site shares Osho Meditation centers, Links and Meditation info in UK
  • Osho Links
    Site maintains a searchable database of information about Osho Sannyasins and websites
  • Aha Stroies
    Website of Anupama who specializies in Reiki, Gestalt Art and Dreamwork. Site shares lot of Stories, Jokes, Discourses and Links
  • Osho Jokes
    Osho Jokes taken from Osho Discourses
  • Osho Videos
    Videos of Osho and Osho's Sannyasins streamlined from youtube.
  • Osho Quotes and Sayings
    Spiritual Quotes and Sayings of Osho
  • Love Affair Galaxy
    site sharing and spreading osho discourses and talks
  • Osho Buddha Quotes
    Site share Quotes of Enlightened Master - Osho, Sri Ramakrishna, Meher Baba, Swami Rajneesh, Adi Shankara, Buddha and So on.


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