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 Top 10 Indian websites for Kids                                 

 6.                                              6-10

is the online presence of the children's magazines published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The website is comprehenssive resource for children to learn about Science, Geography and History.

This website also has book review, DIY Projects, poetry, Story, Games and fun contents.

The archive contains all published issues of the magazine and can be accessed for free.



8.Cartoon Network India


10.Disney XD

This website has a lot of information resources in various subject as well as advice for students.There are tips for facing examination and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The websites has facts about india, Indian festivals and publishes written work by young contributors in the little writer section.

 8. Cartoon Network India

Cartoon Network India

This website of the popular television channel has interactive games, contests and videos of channel's show. This is a good site for interactive gaming content than has been specifically designed for children and serves more as a form of entertainment rather than an educational resource.

A cool feature that will appeal to children keen to learn animation is the Toon Creater which can be used to create a Ben 10 caertoon.

 9. Pogo


This is online version of the children channel, Pogo. The website has interactive games, message boards, videos from the channel's most popular programes and contests.

Children can also download wallpapers containing imagery from Pogo programes.

10. Disney XD

Disney XD

This is a website for another popular TV Channel for Kids. It is a beautifully designed website that showcases videos from the channel's most viewed shows.

Also, available is a huge gallery of interactive games and contests.

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