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 Indian Language Resource Directory                          

                                                                           : Words and phrases for learning 26 Indian Languages : Translation of Useful phrases in many languages. : The web's most comprehensive and authoritative language portal with every resouces needed for language study in more than 300 language.

WriteKa: Write e-mails in Indian language. Transliteration and Translation tools are available on the site.

Learn Tulu: Basic Tulu phrases. : Promoting Indian Culture and National Language Hindi. : List of Languages of India Department of Official Language (DOL) Rajbhasha Vibhag.

Learn Indian Language Alphabates: Learn to read Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Eden Golshani's Indian Language Alphabet comparision page.

Foreign Language Travel Phrases: Teaches how to pronounce Useful Travel Words and Phrases in other Languages. : Useful Words and Phrases in Bengali. : Bilingual detective stories, Language related Links. : Basic Phrases in Konkani.

Marathi Dictionary : Marathi English Dictionary. : Learn Telugu Online.

English to Hindi Dictionary : Download Hindi fonts before using Dictionary. : A Government of Kerala website to learn Malayalam-The official Language of Kerala.

Language -Directory: Language Course, Dictionaries, Resources.  



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