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Understanding US Immigration Process

Complete list of important Websites


"A" Visa – Officials in Foreign Governments

Acts of Congress

Admission to the U.S. - CBP Website

Adopting a Child

Affidavit of Support - "I-864" - USCIS Website

Afghan and Iraqi Translators/Interpreters, Special Immigrant Visas

Alien Classes Ineligible to Receive Visas

Arrival-Departure Record - "I-94; I-94W" – CBP Website

Arrival-Departure Record "Form I-94" - I forgot to turn in my I-94 - CBP Website

Asylum – USCIS Website

Athletes, Artists, Entertainers (Temporary Workers) - “P” Visa

Au Pairs (Exchange Visitor) - ECA Website

Australian in Specialty Occupation - "E-3" Visa - Australian Consulate Website


“B” Visa -  (Temporary) Visitor Visa


Border Crossing Card – (BCC)

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs - ECA Website

Business Visa Center - (BVC)

Business Visa Center - Contact Information

Business Visa Center - Frequently Asked Questions


Camp Counselor - ECA Website

Change of Status in the U.S.; Who May Apply - USCIS Website

Chile FTA Professional Worker - "H1B1" visa - Chilean Consulate Website

Classifications – Temporary Workers

Classifications - Immigration and Visa Types - USCIS Website

Code of Federal Regulations - (CFR)

Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Congressional Testimony

Contact a U.S. Embassy

Contact the Visa Office

Customer Service Statement


Denials; Visas

DHS Trip - For Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials

Diversity Lottery - USCIS Website

Diversity Visa Program - (DV) - TSG Website

DNA and Parentage Blood Testing

Duration of Stay


“E-1/E-2” Visas – Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors

“E-3” Visa – Australian in Specialty Occupation - Australian Consulate Website

Embassy, Foreign - Locate

Emergency Travel - USCIS Website

Employment – Labor Certification - DOL Website

Employment Based Visas - Immigrant

Employment Based Visas - Nonimmigrant

Enhanced Border Security and Visa Reform Act

Entertainers (Temporary Workers) – “P” Visa

Exchange Visitor Program - Academic and Government Programs

Exchange Visitor Program - Private Sector Programs

Exchange Visitors - "J" Visa

Extend My Stay in the U.S.; How to - USCIS Website

Extension of Stay in the U.S.; Definition of

Extraordinary Ability (Temporary Workers) – “O” Visa


"F" Visa – Academic Students

Family Based Immigrants

Fees - Visa Services - TSG Website

Fees and Forms - USCIS Website

Fiancé (e) Spouse of an American Citizen - Immigrant - "K" Visa

Fingerprints - USCIS Website

Flight Training (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website

Foreign Affairs Manual - (FAM)

Foreign Media, Press and Radio Visas - "I" Visa

Foreign Residency Requirement - "J" Visa

Foreign Worker Labor Certification – DOL Website

Forms; Immigration - USCIS Website

Forms; I-94, I-94W, Arrival-Departure Record (CBP Website)

Forms; Visa Application - TSG Website

Fraud; Reporting

FTA - Chile Professional Worker - "H1B1" visa

FTA - Singapore Professional Worker - "H1B1" visa


"G" Visa – International Organizations & NATO

Glossary of Visa Terms

Government Officials - (Foreign)

Green Card – (LPR) - USCIS Website


"H" Visa – (Temporary Workers)

Holiday - ("B-2" Visitor Visa)

Homeland Security, Department of - (DHS)

Humanitarian Parole - USCIS Website


"I" Visa – Journalist, Media, Press

Immigrant Visas - (IV) - USCIS Website

Immigration and Nationality Act - (INA) - USCIS Website

Immigration Classifications and Visa Categories - USCIS Website

Ineligibilities for a Visa

International Cultural Exchange (Temporary Workers) - "Q" Visa

International Organizations & NATO – "G" Visa

Intracompany Transferee (Temporary Workers) - "L" Visa

Iraqi and Afghan Translators/Interpreters, Special Immigrant Visas

Iraqi "H" series Passports - A & G visas FAQ

Iraqi "M" and "N" series Passports - A & G visas FAQ

Iraqi "M" and "N" series Passports - general visa FAQ

Iraqi "S" series Passport - A & G visas FAQ

Iraqi "S" series Passport - general visa FAQ


"J" Visa – Exchange Visitor

Journalists, Foreign Media - "I" Visa


"K" Visa – Fiancé / Spouse (Married Abroad)

Kentucky Consular Center - (KCC)


"L" Visa – Intracompany Transferee - (Temporary Worker)

Labor Certification - (Foreign Workers) – DOL Website

Laser Visa - See Border Crossing Card

Lawful Permanent Resident - (LPR) - "Green Card" - USCIS Website

Locate an Embassy

Lost and Stolen Documents

Lottery, Diversity - Immigrant Visa Program


"M" Visa – Nonacademic Student

Marriage to a Foreign National

Media, Journalists – "I" Visa


NAFTA Professional Workers - Mexico and Canada

National Visa Center - (NVC)


News - Visa

Nonimmigrant Visas - (NIV) - USCIS Website

NSEERS - (Special Registration) – ICE Website


"O" Visa – Foreign workers with Extraordinary Ability (Temporary Workers)


Parole, Humanitarian - USCIS Website

Patriot Act – Acts of Congress

Permanent Immigrants to the U.S.

Photo Requirements - Nonimmigrant Visas

Physician (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website

Poverty Guidelines

Premium Processing Service – (Temporary Workers) - USCIS Website

Professor (Exchange Visitor) -  ECA Website


"Q" Visa – International Cultural Exchange Visitor - (Temporary Workers)

Questions About Visas?


Refugees - UCIS Website

Refugees - U.N. High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Website

Religious Workers (Temporary)

Renewing / Revalidating your Visa

Replacing your lost or stolen Visa

Report of the Visa Office - Visa Statistics

Returning Resident Alien


Safety and Security of U.S. Borders

Scholar – ECA Website

Services - Listed by Post - (Embassy / Consulate)

Singapore FTA Professional Worker - "H1B1" Visa

Social Security Administration - SSA Website

Special Immigrant Visas, Iraqi and Afghan Translators/Interpreters

Special Registration - ICE Website

Spouse Fiancé (e) of an American Citizen - Immigrant - "K" Visa

Statistics; Visa

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System - (SEVIS) - USCIS Website

Student Visa - "F" Visa

Students – UCIS Website

Summer Work / Travel (Exchange Visitor) – ECA Website


Telegrams; Visa Policy

Temporary Religious Workers

Temporary Visitors to the U.S.; About

Temporary Visitors; See Nonimmigrant Visas - USCIS Website

Temporary Workers - Overview

Trainees (Temporary Workers) – "H-3" visa

Transit Without a Visa (TWOV) - CBP Website

Translators/Interpreters: Iraqi and Afghan - Special Immigrant Visas

Traveler Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Traveler Redress - For Complaints About Immigration (CBP) Entry to the U.S.

Treaty Traders & Treaty Investors - "E" Visa


U.N. High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) Website

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - (USCIS)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection - (CBP)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security - (DHS)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement - (ICE)


US-VISIT Program - DHS Website

US-VISIT: Current Ports of Entry - DHS Website


Vacation – "B2" Visitor Visa

Vaccination Requirements for Immigrant Visa Applicants

Visa Bulletin

Visa Categories - USCIS Website

Visa Denials

Visa Issuing Posts - (Consulate / Embassy)

Visa Policy; U.S.

Visa Reciprocity Table

Visa Services - Who We Are

Visa Statistics

Visa Types for Permanent Immigrants

Visa Types for Temporary Visitors - (Nonimmigrant)

Visa Wait Times

Visa Waiver Program - (VWP)

Visitor Visas - Business and Pleasure - "B" Visa

VWP - Travel from Bermuda

VWP - Travel from Canada

VWP - Travel from Mexico


Waivers - "J" Visas

Waivers and Ineligibilities

Walsh Visa (Temporary Workers) – “Q” Visa

Website Fraud Warning

What is a Visa?

Workers – Labor Certification - DOL Website

Workers (Employment)

Workers (Temporary)

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