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 Gujarati Recipes                                            Page 3  


 Methi Dhebara (Gujarati Text)

 Methi Ni Bhaji and Dal (Gujarati Text)

 Flower Vatana Tameta nu Shak (Gujarati Text)

 Kachi Keri nu Shak (Gujarati Text)

 Khajur na Laddu (Gujarati Text)

 Lila Chana ne Bataka nu Shak (Gujarati Text)

 Bharela Kacha Kela (Gujarati Text)

 Bharela Tameta (Gujarati Text)

 Kela (Banana) nu Shak (Gujarati Text)

 Green Coconut Laddu (Gujarati Text)

 Kadhi (Gujarati Text)

 Karela Kanda nu Shak (Gujarati Text)

 Varmiseli Doodh Pak (Gujarati Text)


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