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 Gujarati Learner  Course                                            


Welcome to free online Gujarati tutorial-offering Many services.If you had like to learn to speak Gujarati, learn to read Gujarati, learn to write Gujarati than this is site for you.  

Learn Gujarati at your own place and in the comfort of your own home. 


 Step by Steap Learning          

  • Don't Know the Gujarati at all, then start with Gujarati Alphabet.
  • Once you have familiarised yourself with Gujarati Alphabet, have a look at Gujarati Numbers
  • Try and Increase your vocabulary of Gujarati Workds and Gujarati Phrase.
  • There are number Gujarati Language tests while you are learing Gujarati. You can see your learning progress.
  •  Quick Links                           

     Useful Services                                                         

    These services are particularly useful for learning Gujarati and some are just generally useful.


    Know-What day does your birthday falls on this year. Calendar also shows Indian Festival Dates.

    Ekadashi :

    Fasting dates for a year.

    Indian Names and Meaning:

    Find indian baby names or simply know meaning of a particular Name.

    World Clock:

    View time in different cities around the world.

    Gujarati e-Cards and Greetings :

    Add your own personal message to Greeting cards and send them to your loved ones.

    Write in Gujarati:

    Use your own keyboard to type in Gujarati. As you type, your text will be converted in Gujarati.


    Birthday: Bollywood Star Birthdays

    Books: Bookd on Bollywood

    Buzz: Bollywood Gossip and stories

    Fashion: Bollywood Fashion

    Pictures: View pictures of Bollywood stars

    Radio: Live Bollywood Internet Radio



    Guss the Celebrity


    Shuffle Puzzle


     Learn Hindi              

    Hindi Aplhabet

    Hindi Books

    Hindi Dictionary

    Hindi E-cards

    HindiFlash Cards

    Hindi Fonts

    Hindi Phrases

    Hindi Test

    Write in Hindi



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