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Electronics For You 

Electronics for You is most popular magazines in series of reading on Electronics. It keep the electronis fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge. It also has circuit ideas and constructio projects.

 Electronics Bazar    

Plateform for Buying and Selling of Electronics product in India. Electronic Bazar Covers current and feature market trends, buying and selling oppertunities, product launches and innovation driving the Indian Electronics Industry.

   Facts For You       

Focuses on non-technical matters. Updates of top decison makers in Indian industry on the Indian economy.

Information on Indian economy trends inclusing foreign trade.

Electronic Circuit & Contructive Projects..Click on title to open


 S No Circuit Name


2Mini UPS System
3Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
4Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems
5Inverter for Soldering Iron
6Transistorised Logic Probe for TTL
7Constant-Current Battery Charger
8Multitone Siren
9Generator Room Light
10Liquid Level Alarm
11PC Power Manager
12Skin Response Meter
13Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp
14Electronic Bicycle Lock
15Remote-operated Master Switch
16USB Power Socket
17Triple Power Supply
18Smart Hearing Aid
19Midnight Security Light
20Automated Alarm Circuits
21Traffic Baton
22Laser-guided Door Opener
23Battery-level Indicator
24PC Temperature Controller
25Traffic Controller
26Night Alert
27Muscular Stimulator
28Wireless Switch
29Long-Range IR Transmitter
30Electric Window Fence Charger
31Three-Phase Appliance Protector
32PC Multimedia Speakers
33Aquarium Probe
34Bicycle Indicator
35Poor Man’s Hearing Aid
36Portable Lamp Flasher
37Staircase Light With Auto Switch-Off
38Car Anti-theft Guard
39USB Power Booster
40Smart Vibration Sensor
41Drinking Water alarm
43Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe
44Tester For Remote Control
45Automatic Low-Power Emergency Light
46Mobile Bug
47LED Lighting for Christmas
48Current Sensor
49Seismic Sensor
50Dice With 7-Segment Display
51Motorbike Alarm
52Laptop Protector
53Shutter Guard
54Desktop Power Supply
55Mobile Shield
56Infrared Firecracker Igniter
57Automatic Phase Changer
58Flying Saucer
59Anti-Collision Rear Light
60Light Fence
61MAT Switch
625-Band Graphic Equaliser
63Clock Timer
64Fully Automatic Emergency Light
65IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
66Electronic Horn
67Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
68Secret Bell
69Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC
70Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
71Telephone-Operated Calling System
72Front Door Guard
73Bell-Cum Light Controller
74Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones
75Hearing Aid
76Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation
77Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator
78Low-Power Voltage Doubler
79Parrot-Sounding AC Doorbell
80Multi-Melody Generator With Instrumental Effect
81School-College Quiz Buzzer
82Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator
83Simple Short-Wave Transmitter
84Solar Lighting System
85Infrared Bug
86Picnic Lamp
87Versatile Power Supply
88Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
89Shadow Alarm
90IR Burglar Deterrent
91Versatile Water-Level Controller
92Automatic-Off Timer For CD Players
93Heat-Sensitive Switch
94Sensitive Vibration Detector
95Digital Dice
96Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch
97Little Door Guard
98Stress Meter
99Teleconferencing System
100Medium-Power FM Transmitter
101Smart Cellphone Holder
102Fuel Reserve Indicator For Vehicles
103Brake Failure Indicator
104Safety Guard
105Mains Supply Failure Alarm
106Remote Control For Home Appliances
107Micromotor Controller
108Solar Bug
109Simple Digital Security System
110Digital Audio/Video Input Selector
111Auto Turn-Off Battery Charger
112Atmel AVR ISP Dongle
113Audio Amplifier for Personal Stereo
114Musical Light Chaser
115Water-Level Controller
116Hit Switch
117Fire Alarm Using Thermistor
118Electronic Watchdog
119Automatic School Bell
120Anti-Theft Alarm For Bikes
121DC Motor Control Using A Single Switch
122Solidstate Remote Control Switch
123Flashing-Cum-Running Light
124Quality FM Transmitter
125Stabilised Power Supply With Short-Circuit Indication
126Digital Stop Watch
127Cell-Phone-Controlled Audio/Video Mute Switch
128PC-Based DC Motor Speed Controller
129Child's Lamp
130Watchman Watcher
131Highway Alert Signal Lamp
132Low-Cost Electronic Quiz Table
133Mobile Cellphone Charger
134Smart Foot Switch
135Programmable Timer for Appliances
136Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm
137LED-Based Message Display
138Multiband CW Transmitter
139Automatic Night Lamp With Morning Alarm
140Touch Dimmer
141Mosfet-Based Preamplifier for FM Radio DXing
142Non-Contact Power Monitor
143Remote-Operated Musical Bell
144Electronic Motor Starter
145Telephone Receiver
146Washing Machine Motor Controller
147Low-Cost Hearing Aid
148Over-Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical Appliances
149Parallel Telephone With Secrecy and Call Prevention
150Voltage-Based Controller For Switches
151DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester
152Pulse Generator
153Infrared Remote Control Timer
154Clap Switch
155Multi-Switch Doorbell With Indicators
156Song Number Display
157Lead-Acid Battery Charger With Voltage Analyser
158Electronic Security System
159Three-Colour Display Using Bicolour LEDs
160Ultra-Bright LED Lamp
161Computerised Universal Timer
162Number Guessing Game
163PC-Based Oscilloscope
164Intruder Radio Alert System
165Flashing Beacon
166Knock Alarm
167Automated Traffic Signal Controller
168Infrared Toy Car Motor Controller
169Mains Manager
170Crystal-Controlled Time-Base Generator
171Mains Operated Christmas Star
172Music On-Hold For Telephones
173Solidstate Switch For DC-Operated Gadgets
174Ding-Dong Bell
175IR Remote Switch
176Shortwave Transmitter
177FM Booster
178Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver
179Mobile Phone Battery Charger
180Fastest Finger First Indicator
181Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier
182DarkRoom Timer
183Speller Effect Sign Display
184Stereo Tape Head Preamplifier For PC Sound Card
185A Hierarchical Priority Encoder
186Digital Mains Voltage Indicator
187Water-Level Controller
188Invisible Broken Wire Detector
189Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios
190Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator
191Versatile Zener Diode Tester
192DTMF Proximity Detector
193Under-/Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
19415-Step Digital Power Supply
195Auto Shut-off For Cassette Players And Amplifiers
196House Security System
197Generation Of 1-Sec. Pulses Spaced 5-Sec. Apart
1989-Line Telephone Sharer
199Musical ‘Touch’ Bell
200Automatic Heat Detector
201Single Phase Electronic Starter
202Precision Amplifier With Digital Control
203Precision Attenuator With Digital Control
204Infrared Electronic Shooting Game
205Telephone Ringer Using Timer ICs
206Blown Fuse Indicator
207Automatic Speed-Controller For Fans and Coolers
2082-Line Intercom-Cum-Telephone Line Changeover Circuit
209Low-Cost PCO Billing Meter
210Telephone Line Based Audio Muting And Light-On Circuit
211Power-Supply Failure Alarm
212Add-On Stereo Channel Selector
213Parallel Telephones With Secrecy
214Telephone Number Display
215Luggage Security System
216Precision Digital AC Power Controller
217Phone BroadCaster
218Telephone Call Meter Using Calculator And COB
219Telephone Conversation Recorder
220Universal High-Resistance Voltmeter
221Protection For Your Electrical Appliances
222Simple Code Lock
223Time Switch
224Digital Speedometer
225Long-Range FM Transmitter
226Self-Switching Power Supply
227Electrical Equipment Control Using PC
228Teleremote Control
229Low-Cost Transistorised Intercom
230Charge Monitor For 12V Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery
231Cordless Phone Backup
232Sleep-Switch Cum Wake-up Timer
233Simple Analogue To Digital Converter
234Dual-Channel Digital Volume Control
235Infrared Cordless Headphone
236Magnetic Proximity Switch
237Simple Low-Cost Digital Code Lock
238Ultra Low Drop Linear Regulator
239Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
240Electronic Scoring Game
241Tiny Dew Sensor
242Electronic Jam
243Precision 1Hz Clock Generator Using Chip-On-Board
244Digital Switching System
24540-Metre Direct Conversion Receiver
246Frequency Measurements Using PC
247Contactless AC Mains Voltage Detector
248PC-Based 7-Segment Rolling Display
249Electronic Card-Lock System
250Miniature Strobe Light
251Automatic Dual-Output Display
252CD-ROM Drive As Digital-Audio CD-Player
253Clap Remote
254Wiper Speed Controller
255Water Level Indicator With Alarm
256IC Controlled Emergency Light With Charger
257Auto Reset Over/Under Voltage Cut-Out
258Smart Phone Light
259Automatic Emergency Light
260Telecom Headset
261Automatic Room Power Control
262Handy Zener Diode Tester
263Telephone Line Vigilant
264High and Low Voltage Cutout With Delay and Melody
265Colour Sensor
266Running Message Display
267Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply
268Audio-Visual Extra Ringer For Phone
269Solidstate Auto Power-Off/On Mains Failure
2707MHz CW/AM QRP Transmitter
271Intelligent Switch
272Fluid Level Detector
273Programmable Door-Bell With Flashing LEDs
274Clap Switch
275Computerised Morse Code Generator/Transmitter
276Accurate Electronic Stop-Watch
277Magic Lights
278Digital Dice With Numeric Display
279Sensitive Temperature Switch
280Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan
281Watch-Dog for Telephones
282FM Transmitter For Channel Changer
283UPS For Cordless Telephones
284Touch-Sensitive Musical Bell With Timer
285Programmable LED Indicator
286Economical Pump Controller
287Fire Alarm
288Short Wave AM Transmitter
289Automatic Emergency Torch
290Ramp Controlled Light
291Simple Intercom Circuit
292Tank Overflow Preventer
29333-Volt Tunning Voltage
294Appliance Timer
295Electronic Code Lock
296Flashing Brakelight
297IR Remote Control
298Car Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm
299Divide-By-N Counter Realisation Using ICs CD4033 And CD4017
300Soft Musical Telephone Ringer
Source: EFY Network.





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