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 Electrical Books and Guide                                        

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  1. Electrical Power Supply and Distribution
  2. Energy Efficient Electric Motor Selection Hand Book
  3. Coordinated Power System Protection
  4. UPS-Selection, Installation and Maintenance
  5. Engineering Symbology, Prints and Drawings
  6. Grounding and Bonding
  7. Handbook of Electrical Safety
  8. Handbook of Electrical Science Vol 1-4
  9. Personal Protective Grounding for Electrical Power facilites and Power Lines
  10. Electrical Installation Guide
  11. Schneider Electric-Harmonic Detection and Filtering
  12. Introduction to Motor and Generator
  13. Medium Voltage Cables-Construction Standard Specification
  14. Electrical Power Supply and Distribution
  15. ABB-Electrical Installation Handbook : Part-1
  16. ABB-Electrical Installation Handbook : Part-2
  17. Instrument Transformer-Part 1 of 3 Current Voltage Transformer
  18. Instrument Transformer-Part 2 of 3 Current Voltage Transformer
  19. Instrument Transformer-Part 3 of 3 Current Voltage Transformer
  20. Electrical Engineering Formulas
  21. How Power Factor Correction works
  22. How to Apply Capacitors to Low Voltage Power Systems
  23. ABB-Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtering in Electrical Plants
  24. Power Factor-The Basics
  25. Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering
  26. Lighting Handbook
  27. HV AC Circuit Breakers : IEC 62271-100
  28. A Simple Approch to Short Circuit Calculation
  29. Complete Patents of Nicola Tesla
  30. Electricity and Magnetism
  31. The Wire and Cable Technical Information Handbook
  32. Understanding Arc Flash Hazards-EATON White Papers
  33. De-icing EHV Overhead Transmission Lines by Short Circuit Current
  34. Designing Low Voltage Non-Motor Industrial Feeder Circuits
  35. Electrical Network Protection Guide-Schneider Electric
  36. High Resistance Ground Application Guide
  37. Fault on Electrical System
  38. Roadway Lighting Design Manual
  39. Arc Flash Hazard-LV Circuit Breaker
  40. Arc Flash Application Guide (Arc Flash Energy Calculation for Circuit Breaker and Fuses)
  41. Current Transformer Selection Guide
  42. Element of Electrical Engineering-Intermidiate Vocational Course-1st Year
  43. Determining Correction Factor for Power Cable Sizing
  44. High Power Electronics-HVDC and SVC
  45. Transformer Generator and Protection Theory
  46. The Role of Infrared Testing at Data Centers
  47. High Voltage Engineering-Practice and Theory
  48. Medium Voltage Design Guide-Schneider Electric
  49. Principle of Insulation Testing
  50. Earthing of MV and LV Distribution Lines: A multi faceted Problem




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