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 EASA Engineering Hand Book                                     

Motor Data Electrical     

  • Terminal Marking and Connection 
  • Field Polarities of DC Machines
  • Maximum Lock Rotor Currents-Three Phase Squirrel cage Motors
  • NEMA Code Letters for AC Motors
  • General Speed Torque Characteristics
  • Effect of Voltage Unbalance on Motor Performance
  • Starting Characteristics of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
  • Allowable Starts and Starting Intervals


  • NEMA Size Starters for Three Phase Motors
  • Starter Enclosures
  • NEMA Size Starters for Single Phase Motors
  • Derating Factors for Conductors in a Conduit
  • Temperature Classification of Induction System
  • Determining Polarization Index of Machine Windings

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Useful Formulas and Conversion

Formulas for Electrical Motors

Formulas for Electrical Circuits

Temperature Correction for Winding Resistance

Motor Application Formulas

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