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  1. Webpage Overlapping problem at Vanchan Vishesh

    It is reported that side bar at vanchan vishesh is overlapping to main page.

    That could be due to old version of internet Explorer (IE) say IE6 and like.


    If you are also facing the same problem, it needs to upgrade by latest version of Internet Explorer 8.0 or MOZILA FireFox3.6 Click here to upgrade.


    Latest version of IE or MOZILA FireFox should solve the problem.


    Have a Happy Browsing.

  2. Some pages are not accessible at Vanchan Vishesh

    Access to some pages at Vanchan Vishesh is restricted to Memebers only.


    To get the access, it needs to register first at site. There is no charge for Memebership, it's free.

  3. How to reset password on Vanchan Vishesh?

    Follow below procedure to reset password.

    1. Visit Login page :
    2. Click on "Forget Your Password? text, password reset request message will be open.
    3. Enter e-mail address which you had signed up with, to receive a password reset request.
    4. Click on "Submit" button.
    5. Check your mail inbox, Instruction message will received with subject text " Reset Your Password on Vanchan Vishesh".
    6. Click on the given link from the mail, a new window will be open.
    7. Type new password.
    8. Click on "Reset Password" Button.

     Message will be appeared on Successfully reset password.

    Note: If you had multiple attempts of resetting password , first delete cookies from your internet browser before apply to reset password.

    Path: Internet Browser-->Tools-->Internet Option/ Options-->Go to General Tab-->Click on Delete Button-->Check Cookies box-->Click on Delete Button--> Click on Ok.

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Readable to share

  1. I have some readable and want to share in benefit to all.

    If you  want to share your readable in benefit to all. It would be sent to vanchan vishesh.


    While sending the readable, please mention " For Vanchan Vishesh" at subject line of the e-mail.


    Vanchan Vishesh has a special section as Readers' Contribution where such articles being put with contributer's Name Tag.


    The readable shall be put at the site after Moderator's approval & permission. 

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