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 20 Most Useful Websites for Kids and Family              

With ever more websites for children appearing, we have choosen the best ones for entertainment including cartoon and games as well as the most informative. There are also social networking sites for teenagers, a search engine that children can use safely and a homework reference site.






1. CBeebies

Games, Stories and updates on every under six's essential viewing.

2. Haring Kids

wonderful interactive site by Keith Haring, an artist who loved children-activities, stories, annimation and addictive online coloring book.

3. Need2Know

Sound, Straightforward and well-judged advice for children and teenagers.

4. How Stuff Works

Engaging encyclopaedia of the modern (and not so modern ) world with good illustration and clear text.

5. K2xl

Addictive series of Flash games including the hypnotically soothing boomshine.

6. Habbo

Social networking for teens.

7. Cruel 2 B Kind

Like Assassins but you have to do nice things to people.

8. Friction TV

A You-Tube style site for compaigners. Make a short video and get your message across.

9. Mr Men

Videos, stories, games and more from 24 of Roger Hargreaves' unbeatable creations.

10. Nickelodean

Play games, share your avatar, download screensavers and catchup on your favorite cartoon charectors at the Mecca of TV Cartoondom.

Plus Nick Junior for pre-schooler.


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