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 News & Knowledge Zone        

Newspapers: Various Local, National & Internatinal Newspapers. 

Magazines: Various Category and subjective Magazines.

Favorite Readings: Favorite listed Gujarati Blogs and websites on leterature, Kavita, Science and Net.

Books: Linkage to various subjective free downloadable & e-Books.

Hindi Sahitya: Readings on Hindi Sahitya, Kavita, Literature.

Money Class: Finance, Investment and Money Guide.

Travel Guide :Tavel Tips, Tour Guide and related articles.

Real Estate: Information about estate and market trends in India as well as specific state and city.

Online Library: Linkage to various local and international library, Great Books and archaived library.  

Dictionary & Phrase Book: Hindi-English-English-Hindi online Free Dictionary and Hindi Phrase Book.

Career Vanchan: Career related readings and tips to write Resume, Biodata, Cover Letter.

Fact About India: Various facts, History and Information about India.

My City: Complete Guide and Information about Indian City.

Gujarati Blog/ Website List: Compiled list of Various Gujarati Blogs and Websites.

 Spiritual Zone                        

Spiritual Thoughts: Readings about Mantra, Purana, Sloka, Yagna, Spirituality, Religion. Spiritual Quotes and Poetry, Spiritual Stories and Texts. Spiritual Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, Adi Sankracharya, Osho, Rajnish, Ramkrishna Paramhansh, Raman Maharshi and More... 

What is Spiritualism? Readings on Spiritualism, True meaning and understanding about spiritualism.

Vrat Katha: Various Vrat related stories and Katha. Online and Downloadable Books and Video stories.

Spiritual Books: Various spiritual e-books, Meditation Music and Free downloadable books of enlighed spiritual Masters.

Spiritual Sites: Linkage to various websites related to spiritual quotes, Meditation technique, tips and information, Messages from saints & Spiritual teachers.

Spiritual Blogs: Compiled list of various blogs on spiritual news, poetry, Meditation, Discourse and teaching of enlighted masters.

Spiritual Masters: Compilied list of Websites for teachings by Various Spiritual Masters.

Hinduism:About Hinduisma and their practice. Meaning and Value of Various terms and Practice by Hinduism. About the Heritage, Rituals and its Importance in day to day life.

 Inspiration Zone                    

  Entertainment Zone             

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